The advancement in technology is allowing Choice Smart Solutions and it’s partners to offer both residential and commercial PV solar systems to end users at 0% down financing. Our valued customers benefit from federal tax incentives, utility company rebates, as well as the piece of mind knowing that they are contributing to the greater good of our beautiful planet. Choice Smart Solutions, along with industry leading partners, provide energy and solar installation services in all major cities in Texas! Contact us today to learn more!









Choice Smart Solutions is a premier provider for Internet, TV, and cloud services for homes and businesses across the United States. Our nationwide network allows us to offer a variety of services for industry leading prices. Our consultants analyze the needs of your business and find the best solutions available for your area. Regardless of the size of your business we will find the smart solution for you!









Choice smart Solutions and Broadvoice have teamed up to become the leader in business communications. Since 2005, Broadvoice has provided high quality broadband phone services to keep businesses connected. Broadvoice is now the leader in smart, next level communication in the United States. The industry leading U.S. based tech support, which is available 24-7 allows businesses to operate seamlessly. Businesses both small and large benefit from our products and services. Our phone systems are scalable to grow with you. So, no matter what size your company is. We have a plan that fits for you!



Energy deregulation is the reason that you can shop for an energy provider in the first place. It gives you the power to switch your electricity or natural gas supplier and ultimately affects how much you will pay for your energy. Deregulation gives consumers a choice when it comes to their energy supplier.


Our Partners

ZOI | Solar Supply Chain Solutions



Intelisys | Cloud and Technology Services Distributor

Broadvoice | VoIP phone technology, Cloud PBX, and Unified Communication

Innovative Business Solutions | Telecom Master Agent with Cable

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