Solar energy is the most abundant energy resource on earth. More than 10,000 times the earth’s total energy use strikes the earth every second. Until recently, technology has prohibited us from capitalizing on this abundant resource in an efficient manner. Over the past several years solar panels have decreased in cost and increased in efficiency. The advancement in technology is allowing Choice Smart Solutions and it’s partners to offer both residential and commercial PV solar systems to end users at 0% down financing. Our valued customers benefit from federal tax incentives, utility company rebates, as well as the piece of mind knowing that they are contributing to the greater good of our beautiful planet. Choice Smart Solutions, along with industry leading partners, provide energy and solar installation services in all major cities in Texas! Contact us today to learn more!


Federal Tax Credit

Our Federal Government has recently extended a federal tax credit to homeowners who have a solar system installed on their roof between now and the year 2020. The tax credit equals 30% of your portion of the system price after installation. For example, if your system has a price tag of $30,000 your tax credit will total $9,000! Choice and our partners ensure that your system meets all the required electrical code requirements to receive this amazing tax benefit!

Utility Rebates

Energy providers such as CPS and Austin energy have allocated funds to incentivize the public to produce solar energy. These rebates are paid to home and business owners who meet the required specifications and are based upon the size of the system. Local utility companies in our coverage area have paid rebates as high as 30% of the cost of the system. You get paid to help the environment and improve the efficiency of your home!


Solar systems has historically required a large up-front up-front cost and taken decades before homeowners would see a return on their investment. This has all changed. Choice Smart Solutions has partnered with industry leaders to provide a 0% down financing option for qualified homeowners. This allows our customers to spread the cost of installation over a period of as much as 20 years.

Control your expenses!

Energy prices have risen over time. This has created an environment where home and business owners are at the mercy of utility companies when these prices increase. When you install solar at your home or business you are purchasing your energy at a fixed cost for life. Solar system owners invest in their homes and families instead of paying the utility companies their hard earned money!

Net metering

Certain utility companies actually pay you for the excess energy your system produces during peak usage hours. Peak usage hours usually occur during the middle of the day when the sun is brightest. The benefit to you is that is when your system is producing the most. Receive credits from your local utility company for contributing to their energy grid!



Choice Smart Solutions employs only the most experienced electrical contractors to perform quality installation of PV systems. Our panels are the most efficient in the industry and come with a 25-year warranty. We ensure that your system is installed with the up-most attention to detail to maximize your investment!


Our preferred financing and administrative partners walk you through the entire process. We begin with an initial on-site consultation where an industry professional gathers the required information needed to provide you with an energy savings estimate. Our back office then guides you through the tax, financing, and rebate procedures to ensure a seem less process and maximized investment return. All permitting and inspections are coordinated through our support team to ensure the least amount of hassle on your part.


Solar panels have not only increased in efficiency. Our suppliers have developed panels that are much more aestetically pleasing than they were in the past. Your system with save you money, look good, and benefit mother earth!

Our Process


Design & Proposal

Financial approval and documents signed

Site survey and engineering

Contractor permits filled from city and rebate forms filed

Installation of solar system

Powering on solar system and final inspection

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